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When we talk about disaster what are we refering to? Is it natural disaster only?

Can we talk about being prepared for man made disasters as well?

A large part of the worlds population are curretnly experiencing natural disaster. Weather that is uncommon for our area.

Snow, ice,rain, flooding. high winds, power outages, landslides and down power lines due to the extreme weather conditions.

Did you wait to long to prepare? Are you among the many that quickly ran to the store grabbing up supplies you thought you might need?

Did you end up in a bit of a panic? Are you thinking you should have been more prepared for survival?

Earthquakes . . . hurricanes . . . terrorist attacks . . . school shootings.

These terms appear in the headlines  all too often and don't even get me started on what is flooding facebook, twitter and other social media sites right now.

Of course, it is one thing to read about a disaster; it is another to live through one. What can you do before, during, and after a disaster to improve the likelihood of your survival?

The first of many steps is to already have what you need. 

Supplies and a plan......

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Disaster management organizations urge families to store and annually update emergency supplies.A person or families needs will vary depending on your location and circumstances. Be sure to check with local emergency management services for recommendations that could be applied in your area. In general it is recommended that you keep at least three gallons (11 L) of water per person and three days of nonperishable, ready-to-eat foods. Also, some families have prepared “go bags” with such items as the following: * Blankets, complete change of warm clothes, and good shoes Flashlight, radio (battery or windup), and spare batteries First-aid kit and a whistle to signal for help Eating utensils, can opener, pocket tool set, and waterproof matches Dust masks, waterproof tape, and plastic sheeting for shelter Toothbrushes, soap, towels, and toilet paper Child-care supplies and special-needs items for seniors or the disabled A waterproof container with needed medication, copies of prescriptions, and other important documents List of emergency and family contacts and meeting places and a local map Credit cards and cash Extra set of house keys and car keys Paper, pencils, books, and games for children

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Very excited to announce a new partnership with an awesome company bringing in new and amazing products.

Watch for new additions coming to the page daily...

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Much more to come. Please check back as items will be added and updated often. 

Fell free to contact me with items you would like to see and I'll do what I can to get it worked out.

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Just getting things rolling here with much more to come.

Check back often to see what great new items we have to offer.